What are you doing for Valentines this year?

Lucy goes to preschool two days a week and is very specific that she wants to give her school friends “smarties” candies for valentines. That’s my opinionated 3 year old. What will I do when she’s 13?

My Pinterest search gave me this cutie from www.733blog.com:


So, that’s what we’re doing this year. Last year, she was one of two girls in a classroom with 10 boys. So we went with simple “love bug” valentines. We folded this design over and attached it to a snack bag full of gummy worms. Click on the design for the free printable.




About ohappydaisy (Leslie)

I love happy things. That includes my silly husband, giggly daughter, polka-dots and daisies. We used to live in India, a land far away from the familiar, but we're back in the states. I cook a low-processed, gluten-free, sugar-free menu. I've struggled with my health since childhood. I learn a lot as I journey through my life and hope that readers with parallel paths will be encouraged and inspired towards happiness.

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  1. Peggy Schwalk says:

    So neat!!

    Oh and it’s grandma’s birthday if you want to give her a call (not at lunch :-)) Bob, Shelly and Larry are there. Janice and Gerald later.

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