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Hi friends!  I logged into my blog for the first time in over a month (for a number of reasons which I’ll discuss shortly) and was floored by the number of visitors I had while I was gone.  Thanks for your interest in my life and what I have to say.  What a motivation to begin blogging again!  I’ve missed my little corner of the web.

God’s been doing a lot in our lives.  It’s been a crazy few months of seeking his guidance, begging for answers, trusting his plans, praising his name regardless of the circumstances (and failing to do that at times.)  I’d been sick with fever and relentless flu-like symptoms for over six months when finally, at the start of December, I received a diagnosis and started new treatment.  More on that soon.

We spent a month in the states for Christmas with family and that was such a treat! These things, combined with my laptop being on its deathbed, have kept me away.  But let’s renew our relationship because I have some awesome new recipes and life lessons to share in the coming days!


About ohappydaisy (Leslie)

I love happy things. That includes my silly husband, giggly daughter, polka-dots and daisies. We used to live in India, a land far away from the familiar, but we're back in the states. I cook a low-processed, gluten-free, sugar-free menu. I've struggled with my health since childhood. I learn a lot as I journey through my life and hope that readers with parallel paths will be encouraged and inspired towards happiness.

3 responses »

  1. Glad you feel like writing!

  2. Betty Worley says:

    I have missed hearing from you. I have folks ask me almost daily how you are.

  3. Georgia says:

    Renewal is always sweet!

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