There are a lot of things I love about India.  One is that it’s so colorful!  Everywhere I look there’s a kaleidoscope of color from clothing to spices.

My friend Ruchi making rangoli

Rangoli is a Sanskrit word meaning a creative expression of art through color.  “Rang” is the Hindi word for color.  Rangoli is usually art drawings created on the floor and decorated with colored powders or flowers.  It is used as a “welcome” either for guests who are treated as “god” or for a deity.  

Our former landlord's rangoli in front of their gods

For Diwali, which was celebrated this week, families thoroughly clean their homes, buy new clothes and other items, and create rangoli in efforts to welcome Laxmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, believing she will ward off evil.

We’ve even made rangoli in our home before a celebration of thanksgiving to the Lord Jesus.

This was our home's rangoli for Thanksgiving 2009.



About ohappydaisy (Leslie)

I love happy things. That includes my silly husband, giggly daughter, polka-dots and daisies. We used to live in India, a land far away from the familiar, but we're back in the states. I cook a low-processed, gluten-free, sugar-free menu. I've struggled with my health since childhood. I learn a lot as I journey through my life and hope that readers with parallel paths will be encouraged and inspired towards happiness.

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  1. Didn’t they do this on Amazing Race once?

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