This is my husband, Bryan (the one on the right).  His life motto: Anything for a laugh.  He’s one of my life’s greatest blessings.  When things are hard, he reminds me that there is always something to make us laugh out loud.  (In case you are wondering, yes, he wore this shirt on purpose.)


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  1. Neill Mims says:

    Checked out your entries so far… good to catch up with your and Bryan (and Lucy’s) life a bit. Wow… backpacking in Europe a month with a toddler…

    I pray both of your health is doing good… see you are advertising gluten free items… Take care of each other! Neill

    • Well, the backpacking through Europe came before the toddler–I’m just using throw-back pictures! It would have been much harder (and more expensive) with sweet Lucy. Did you see the luggage we brought through Singapore? Jumping countries with kids requires more than a backpack, for sure. At least at this point!

  2. Karen Clayton says:

    This kind of stuff just makes me miss y’all so much!

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